Ladies Encounter May 9 & 10: PINK STRENGTH!

Pink Impact - O2 Network Event

I’m so excited about our upcoming O2/Bridge Ladies Encounter, May 9 & 10! It’s a little different than we’ve ever done it before…but, we felt that this year–Now, More Than Ever–it was a great opportunity in three ways: 1) Be a part of the PINK IMPACT (Gateway Church’s Ladies Conference) and learn from international speakers such as Debbie Morris, Charlotte Gambill, Lisa Bevere, and Holly Wagner. As well as enjoy great worship from Kari Jobe & the Gateway worship team. 2) Spend time as a church/network to build and grow relationships. 3) Go away for a time of refreshing in the presence of God to renew our strength! 

So How Does This Work? 

Thanks to The Abbey Church, we will meet together Friday morning and begin the Continue reading…