REconnect: Honor Always

Following last week’s message, Pastor Duane White began to unpack more on how to REconnect our relationship with God by living out some Kingdom relationship goals. This week Pastor Duane shared the next kingdom relationship goal in this series, which is Honor Always.

We are, at this present time in our culture, experiencing a revolution, but instead of a positive and honorable revoltion, it is a revolution of dishonor. As God’s people, we are meant to be kingdom citizens living in a kingdom culture; and as kingdom people, a major key to relational success is honor.

“Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.” (1 Peter 2:17, NKJV).

The word honor in greek is timen, which means to value, to hold in high esteem, or to regard as precious. Pastor Duane gives a perfect example of how honor should be given in Romans 13:7:

Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes (personal or income tax) to whom taxes are owed, revenue (this word is customs…duty on goods, not personal tax) to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed,” (Romans 13:7, ESV).

Paul asks of us in this scripture that we give up the valuable things that we possess. By respecting and honoring God, we give up what He first gave us. Some may think that a certain person doesn’t deserve to be honored or respected because of something they did to them in the past, but God asks us to honor ALL people; and we owe it Him, not them, to be honorable to each other.

Honor is not a sign of agreement. You are honoring them for who they are, not what they have done. We simply do not honor people because they are honorable; we honor people because God tells us to be honorable. In the kingdom, to be an honorable person is not to deserve honor, but to give it. Paul teaches that it is time to live differently by relating differently than the world does.

Here are a few  powerful principles about honor that Pastor Duane shared:

  • What you honor you can access.
  • What you honor, you attract, and what you dishonor moves away from you.
  • Familiarity kills honor, but celebration gives it life.
  • Honor doesn’t begin with your lips; it begins in your heart.

Pastor Duane pointed out there are more commandments about honoring people than there are about honoring God. Most people know that they should honor God, but it’s the people around us that we struggle to honor. So you see that honoring people is a big deal to God!

The supernatural power of God is released in an atmosphere of honor! If we decide to change the atmosphere and be honorable, God will reward us.

“If I honor a prophet, I get a prophet’s reward (Honor UP). If I honor a righteous man (a brother or peer), I get a righteous man’s reward (Honor OUT). If I honor a child, surely I will be rewarded. (HONOR DOWN) That is why we serve the community! This is when I am MOST like God because he can ONLY honor down but that is EXACTLY what he does! He has no one above Him, and He has no peer or equal, but He CHOSE to HONOR us with His presence and came to lay his life down for us all!” – Pastor Duane

When we honor the people around us, we are also honoring God.

To find out more about how to honor always, watch the full message here:

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