This Sunday, January 17th, 2016, Pastor Duane White shared more about the word of the year for The Bridge Church in Denton Texas, by introducing a new “RE” word, RESET: Getting Back to God’s Intention.

RESET: Getting Back to God’s Intention

In this week’s message, Pastor Duane unpacked more information about the word of the year – “RE”. Sometimes in life, we just need to figure out how to begin again, how to RESET.

Reset means to move (something) back to an original place or position; to put (a broken bone) back in the correct position for healing; to put (a gem) into a new piece of jewelry. Don’t you wish life came with a reset button? Even though resetting your life isn’t always as easy as pressing a button, the good news is there are a few keys to getting a RESET on our spiritual lives.

Pastor Duane unpacked a few keys to resetting your life:

  • REnew
  • REvision
  • REfocus
  • REfuel

Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it” (Habakkuk 2:2, NKJV).

Why don’t you make the choice RIGHT now to let God RESET your life in 2016.

Watch the whole message here, and discover more about the keys on RESETTING your life!

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