06.07.2015 - Message by Ps. Leck Heflin - The Bridge Church in Denton, TX

This Sunday, June 7th 2015 at The Bridge Church in Denton, Texas, we were honored to have a guest speaker, Leck Heflin, share a message with us about The Power of Small.

Leck Heflin is a pastor, missionary, speaker, writer, business man, and strategic planner. He is the founder of Pontis, a missionary organization in Nicaragua, providing communities in need with opportunities to grow and develop.

The Power of Small

When we feel like we don’t have much in our hands for God to use, we can give Him our SMALL things and He can use it for something BIG!

“So the Lord said to him, ‘What is that in your hand?’
He said, ‘A rod.’
And He said, ‘Cast it on the ground.’ So he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from it. Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Reach out your hand and take it by the tail’ (and he reached out his hand and caught it, and it became a rod in his hand).” – Exodus 4:2-4

Are you ready to experience the power of small? Watch the full message here.

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Sierra Leeper

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