05.10.2015 - Message by Ps. Bob Cook - The Bridge Church in Denton, TX

This Sunday, May 10th 2015 at The Bridge Church in Denton, Tx, we were excited to hear Pastor Bob preach his very first sermon at The Bridge! He had a great message on Finding Your Purpose!

Finding Your God-given Purpose

We all go through the journey of discovering our purpose. However, most of the time we ask the wrong questions, such as; What do I want to be? What should I do with MY life? What are MY goals, MY ambitions, and MY dreams for MY future?

It all begins and ends with God

  • Our focus should not be on our own ambitions, but rather, God’s ambitions for us!

You were planed by God – You are not here by chance, luck, coincidence, fate or accident.

  • God made us for a specific purpose, and the only way to discover HIS purpose for our lives is to be in close relationship with Him.

Are you ready to discover YOUR God-given Purpose? Watch the full message here!

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Sierra Leeper

Sierra. Age 21. God saved me and showed me love, so I live to spread that love to everyone else.