2015.02.08 - Message by Ps. Duane White - The Bridge Church in Denton, TX

This Sunday, February 8 2015 at The Bridge Church in Denton, Texas, Pastor Duane continued in our series Rise and Build the Real You.

Rise and Build the REAL You.

The book of Nehemiah is a picture of the work that the Holy Spirit is doing in the lives of Christians – corporately as well as individually. This Sunday, we were examining Nehemiah 2:4-10. In this excerpt, Nehemiah petitioned the king for three things, but was granted four. This is a representation of the Holy Spirit petitioning on our behalf.

Symbolism of Nehemiah’s Petitions

Four ways Nehemiah’s petitions is symbolic of what we are granted from OUR KING.

  1. Time
    Nehemiah waited for THREE days before acting on his desires. Nehemiah was not in a hurry, yet he was still at work; praying and preparing.
    God is always working, even when we are not aware. There’s always more going on than what you can see.

    • Nehemiah 2:6
  2. Authority
    Nehemiah’s authority came directly from the king himself. You’ve been authorized by THE KING to build.

    • Nehemiah 2:7
  3. Resources
    Nehemiah needed new timber and old stones – the framework which he would rebuild the city on.
    The framework for which God is going to build in your life is the cross (new timber). God will take your old burned up broken places in your life, fortify them and repurpose them and use them to rebuild your life (old stones).

    • Nehemiah 2:8
  4. Reinforcement of Troops
    There is an army of angels ready to fight on our behalf. You may feel alone, but there are always more for you than against you.

    • Nehemiah 2:9

Just like the king supplied Nehemiah with his needs after his petitions, the Holy Spirit petitions for you, and God will supply all your needs to RISE and BUILD the real you.

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