Breathe Life Into Your Marriage!

We are so excited about the opportunity to have the first O2 Network Marriage Seminar this February 13 and 14 (Valentine Weekend). We are blessed that Dr. Graham and Marie Catto now live in the US and are able to come minister to us more often. We want to open this up to all O2 churches, whether you come together as a church or send individual couples. We know it will be a great time of breathing life into marriages!

Register Now!

You may register through your local O2 Network church, or by registering online. The cost of the seminar is $39 per couple due by Sunday, February 8th at your local network church.

If your church isn’t participating or you represent your own ministry, please email or call 940-735-2080

Click HERE to register for the O2 Network Marriage Seminar.

For couples who choose to reserve a hotel room, the rate is $85+tax, which includes breakfast. Reservations can be made online with the provided link below, or by phone at 877-834-3613 with the code O2N. The last day to reserve the group rate of $85 dollars was January 28. However, if you are still interested in making a reservations, the rate can still be honored based on availability.

Click HERE to reserve a hotel room.

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