2015.01.25 - Message by Ps. Duane White - The Bridge Church in Denton, TX

This Sunday at The Bridge Church in Denton, Texas, Pastor Duane dove into the 2020 Vision of The Bridge: Rise and Build!

So they said, “Let us rise and build.” Then they set their hands to this good work. – Nehemiah 2:18b

Nehemiah and the Holy Spirit

The book of Nehemiah is a picture of the work that the Holy Spirit is doing in the lives of Christians – corporately as well as individually. Pastor Duane shared three ways that we can see the symbolism between Nehemiah and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives:

  1. Compassion – Nehemiah was filled with compassion for the people of Jerusalem. Likewise, the Holy Spirit always has compassion on us.

    “You see the distress we are in.” – Nehemiah 2:17

  2. Commitment -Nehemiah committed to helping the people of Jerusalem, no matter how challenging the task at hand was. The Holy Spirit is committed to helping us rise and build in our lives – He will not leave us.

    “Let us rise and build” – Nehemiah 2:18

  3. Companionship -Nehemiah desired to be the people’s companion and live out life with them. The Holy Spirit is also desiring to be our life companion if we allow Him. Partnership requires participation on both sides.

    “That we may no longer be a reproach.” – Nehemiah 2:17

Are you ready to Rise and Build?

Watch the full message here!

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