2014.12.21 - Message by Ps. Duane White - The Bridge Church in Denton, TX

This Sunday, December 21st 2014 at The Bridge Church, Pastor Duane shared a message on God’s promises in our lives.

Have You Been To Bethlehem?

Mary was given a promise from God that she would give birth to a son and call him Jesus and it came to pass, but it wasn’t in the way Mary would have expected. There are many parallels between Mary carrying the promise of God in her womb, to us as believers “carrying” the promise of God in our hearts until the time appointed from the Father comes for it to be manifest.

  1. It Wasn’t a Prominent Place.
    Mary gave birth to Jesus in a small city called Bethlehem. She had no ties to this city and it was an inconvenient place to travel being 9 months pregnant. Sometimes God’s BIG promises are born in seemingly small surroundings
  2. It Was a Prophetic Place.
    Although Bethlehem had no significance to Mary, there are several places in scripture that mention the significance of Bethlehem.
  3. It Was a Perennial Place.
    Perennial means everlasting, continuing or recurrent. Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem wasn’t only about Him receiving life, but about Him bringing life to so many others. God’s promises are never just for you, they are meant to be bigger than that!
  4. It Was a Paradoxical Place.
    The situation in Bethlehem at the time Mary gave birth was chaotic – the city was taken over by the government, and there was a large population in a very small city. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, was born in this place!
  5. It Became a Place for God’s Presence.
    God’s presence is here and His promise is coming!

Peace is not the absence of trouble; it is the presence of God.

Maybe the journey has taken you to place called Bethlehem… It might not seem prominent and be filled with paradox… but it’s all worth it, if you give birth to His PRESENCE!

Watch the full message about God’s promises here!

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Sierra Leeper

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