This Sunday November 30th, 2014 at The Bridge Church in Denton, TX, Pastor Duane White shared another great message about our identity! Continuing in our “Hacked” series, Pastor Duane shared on WHAT exactly the enemy tries to take from us when he tries to hack our identity.

Our Spiritual Passport

The three necessary pieces of information you need in order to prove your identity are the most common pieces of information that hackers look for are:

  1. Your Address – Hackers need to know where you are residing to prove they are you. In the spiritual realm, our address is our VOICE. When we speak the WORD of God, God can deliver His packages to us. But the enemy also wants to deliver packages to us, so when we speak something contrary to the word, the enemy knows right where to find us.
  2. Your Image – We were created in the image of GOD, but SIN distorts that image. The enemy wants to hack our image, so he will tempt us to sin in order to make us look completely unrecognizable as Children of God.
  3. Your Name – In the Bible, your name means your very nature. Satan tries to rename us and hack our identity by hacking the nature of who we are, but we have to remember who GOD says we are. God calls us HIS children.

Where’s your passport?

To watch the full HACKED Pt. 3 message, click the video below!

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Sierra Leeper

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