2014.11.23 - Message by Ps. Duane White - The Bridge Church in Denton, TX

This Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 at The Bridge Church in Denton TX, Pastor Duane continued with his series Hacked, on finding our identity in Christ.

The pleasure of the Father is based on WHO we are, NOT what we do.

In Luke 4:1-12, Satan comes to Jesus and tries to hack his identity from Him by tempting him in three different ways. Satan tempted Jesus to prove that He was really the Son of God in these ways:

  1. Self Provision – Satan told Jesus to prove He was the Son of God by providing for himself. Jesus knew that He didn’t have to provide for Himself to prove who He was, but that His identity came from His Father.
  2. Self Promotion – Satan told Jesus that if He bowed down to Him, Satan would give Him the authority over the earth (that was given to Satan when Adam sinned). It was God’s will for Jesus to have authority over the earth, and authority for eternity. God’s will for Jesus was much more than a temporary authority given to him by the enemy, God wanted to give Jesus ALL the authority forever.
  3. Self Preservation – Satan told Jesus to throw himself off of a mountain to prove that angels would save Him. Jesus knew that He was the Son of God and God would take care of Him, so Jesus didn’t need to throw himself off a mountain to prove it.

In all three of the instances that Satan tempted Jesus, Jesus used the word of God to combat what Satan said. Satan will tempt us to doubt our TRUE identity so that he can hack us and take what we have. However, if we know the word of God and what GOD says about us, Satan cannot hack our identity.

Has your identity been hacked?

Get Your Identity Back!

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