This Sunday November 16, 2014 at The Bridge Church in Denton, TX, Pastor Duane began a new series about identity, called “Hacked”.

Is Your Identity Secure?

As believers, we know that our identity should rest in the fact that we are heirs of our Heavenly Father, but often times we can take on an “orphan mentality”. Having an orphan mentality can manifest itself in many different ways, but there are four main ways we looked at.

Orphan Mentality VS Heir Mentality

  1. Passions – With an orphan mentality, we have passions based on our flesh, not passions from God. We try to prove ourselves by who likes us. An heir mentality knows that God is enough!
  2. Position – An orphan mentality tries to claim their position, but an heir mentality knows that their position is in heavenly places. 
  3. Possessions – An orphan mentality would need more items and things to possess to feel important. An heir mentality would be knowing they have everything they need in Christ.
  4. and Power – An orphan mentality of power is one of desiring to have the most influence. The problem with having this mentality of power is that no amount of power is good enough – our flesh always wants more.  An heir mentality would be knowing that any power we have is not from us, but from the Holy Spirit.

Know who you are in CHRIST!

Check out Pastor Duane’s awesome message about a godly mentality.

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Sierra Leeper

Sierra. Age 21. God saved me and showed me love, so I live to spread that love to everyone else.