2014.11.09 - Message by Ps. Roy Todd - The Bridge Church in Denton, TX

This Sunday, November 9th 2014 at The Bridge Church in Denton, TX, we had the honor to hear Pastor Roy Todd from the Junction Church in Loughborough England. This Sunday, Pastor Roy Todd shared a message about destiny!

It’s not our destiny to die in the desert!

In studying Moses’s life, we can see that his life can be separated into 3 different eras:

  1. The first segment of 40 years were years of privilege
  2. The second segment of 40 years were years of pain, or “desert years”.
  3. The third segment of 40 years were years of purpose.

We see in Exodus 3 that Moses came out of his years of privilege and entered into the years of pain or “desert years”. But the end of this era was not the end of his destiny.

“The end of an era is not the completion of a destiny.” – Pastor Roy Todd

Moses found himself wandering to the far side of the desert alone and thought he was destined to die in this desert, until something caught his attention. Moses saw a bush that was burning, but did not burn up completely. He went to the bush and God called out to him and told him to deliver the people out of Egypt but Moses was fearful and responded to God saying, “who am I?”

Many times, we get so focused on who we aren’t that we forget who God is! We need to stop focusing on who we are not and focus on who God is!

Our destiny is to do great things for the Kingdom!

Watch Pastor Roy Todd’s amazing message on destiny here!

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Sierra Leeper

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