2014.08. 17 - Message by Ps. Jay Pike - The Bridge Church in Denton, TX

This Sunday, August 17 2014 at The Bridge Church in Denton, TX, we had the honor to hear Teaching Pastor Jay Pike, from The Gate Church in Oklahoma City, share a fantastic message about choosing revealed identity in Christ and living by who God has called us to be.


God speaks and names what He creates. In the beginning, he SPOKE creation into existence, and He has been naming everything He created since then.

“If everything He begins starts with Him speaking, in order to step into what He’s called you to, you have to listen.” – Jay Pike

In Ruth 1:19-21, after Naomi had lost her sons to death, she began to choose to let her negative circumstances define her identity. Upon returning to her hometown, she was greeted by people who called her by her name Naomi, which means pleasant. She was offended at this and told them to call her Mara, which means bitter. Life will always give you an opportunity to call yourself bitter or pleasant, but God has called us to be pleasant.

“Every painful event in life offers the opportunity to embrace a false identity.” – Jay Pike

Choose the identity that GOD has revealed for you.

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Sierra Leeper

Sierra. Age 21. God saved me and showed me love, so I live to spread that love to everyone else.