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Our new series focuses on the 40 days between the resurrection & ascension. We will actively explore the accounts of the risen Jesus & how He transformed all those He encountered.

Our friend in the UK from Kingsgate Church, Pastor Dave Smith, developed a great new resource for churches to discover the important days just after Easter! Here’s an excerpt from the 40 Days with Jesus Devotional that’s available for digital download…

So why then was Mary first? The simple answer is because she was there first! She was clearly so devoted to Jesus that at the earliest opportunity after the Sabbath she got up to visit the tomb. Then, as we shall see, having witnessed the empty tomb, she was determined to find the body of Jesus, in contrast to the male disciples, who went home.Although Jesus eventually took the initiative and appeared to her, it seems as if this is in direct response to her loving, persistent seeking of Him.

So at the start of this study, it is important that we begin with the right attitude and, like Mary, diligently pursue the risen Jesus. Whether you are a seeker, a new believer, a struggling Christian or a fully devoted follower of Christ – know this: Jesus really is alive and is longing to meet with you.


Jesus, I realize that by asking about the implications of the resurrection for my life, I must be prepared to hear the answer. I cannot be the same and I don’t want to be. I long to know You and meet with You. Take me on a journey over these next 40 days. Help me to be brave enough to respond to the things that You are whispering to me. Breathe Your life into any part of me that is currently lifeless or lacking in energy and spirit. Then move me forward by the power of Your Spirit in ways that only You can. I pray this in faith. Amen.

Download your copy of the 40 Days with Jesus Devotional book with special insights for each of the upcoming 40 days. (Devotion sample – free download)  Join us this Sunday as we begin this exciting series. 

You can also view the small group videos for free at .

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