Who Cares What God Values?

This past Sunday was the culmination of our Mission Matters Month at The Bridge Church in Denton. Every month is really Missions Month at The Bridge, but each year we take a month to highlight the missionaries we support monthly and receive a special offering for a project we are committed to over and above our regular missions support (we give at least the first 10% of our tithes & offerings away off the top… but this is in addition to that).

This year we had our dear friend Ps. David Briggs (Tricord Global / Trinity Church International) as our special guest speaker. He did an incredible job (as always!) and everything he said warrants deep meditation and dialogue. (watch the message online here) However, he made one statement I want to discuss, as it has been burning in me since he said it (24 hrs ago! lol)…

“When you value something, you lay hold of it and when you devalue it…you discard it (or disconnect yourself from it).”

This is SO true. When we value an object, we scrimp, save, or use credit (oftentimes way more than we can afford) to obtain it… Why? because it has GREAT value to us! Then, a few years later we sell it (or even trash it) even while in perfectly good working condition… Why? Because it no longer has the value it once had to us. That’s why you get such great “deals” at garage sales! lol (or so Kris tells me) Just keep thinking about how this scenario plays out in so many areas of life.

Not just objects, but relationships as well…

A guy pursues a girl that he “values” and “lays hold of” her (to use David’s term) by getting her to marry him. So why would he divorce her a few years later? He no longer values his relationship with her like he once did so he then wants to disconnect himself from it. Think about church. How many times do people leave a church for many “spiritual” reasons (I stand amazed at what we give God credit for lol), but I wonder if many times they just don’t “value” it like they once did… so they feel the need to “disconnect” from it? Of course, the value of objects is much different than the value of people for many reasons, but one is that when we truly value people… we also value what they value. We care about what they care about. When I was dating Kris, I cared about ALL kinds of things I would not have cared about before. Why? I valued it… because SHE valued it. Guys you know where I am going with this one! lol

This is also why Kingdom giving doesn’t really happen UNLESS what I am “giving” has VALUE to me! We’ve all heard the stories of the people who get a new fridge and “give” God the old broken one… or the women’s ministry who collected used tea bags to send to the missionaries because they didn’t “need” new ones! (true story). True Kingdom giving isn’t about “sacrifice”, but value.

If I “value” God… I believe I will give what is most precious to me to support what is most precious to Him! Just this week we were speaking at a Pastor’s Conference in OKC with our dear friends Bishops Tony & Kathy Miller, at the end of the conference they were ordaining our friend Tangie Callahan, when the Lord spoke to Kris to give her a gift to express His heart for this moment… I love the fact that immediately Kris started thinking of the MOST PRECIOUS thing she could give… not the least. She was actually struggling to find something that she thought had ENOUGH value to equal God’s heart in the situation. She decided on one of the most precious possessions she had. That is GOD… He values US so much that He gave that which had the MOST value to Him… His Son!

So who cares what God values? We do. The Bridge Church does.

Just think what the world could look like if we would all value what God values, as much as He values it?!?! I’m ready!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son”

(To watch the message by Ps. David Briggs, click here)

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Duane White

Lead Pastor at The Bridge Church
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