Are we raising missions minded kids?

Are we raising missions minded kids? I had a great time this month preparing lessons for Kidzone to teach them the importance of the “Great Commission” for missions month. It reminded me once again of the great mandate in training our kids to love the world as the Father does.

It is a huge task in our western world to be commission-minded not consumer-minded parents, raising children with a heart for a world beyond their own.

“I believe that in each generation God has called enough men and women to evangelize all the yet unreached tribes of the earth. It is not God who does not call. It is man who will not respond!” – Isobel Kuhn, missionary to China and Thailand

When our kids were little we started using the Operation World map and book to pray for other countries and then talk about their needs. I remember one time our son, Cody, (about five years at the time) prayed that children in Bangladesh would know Jesus and have cheese. Duane and I looked at each other questioning his unique request for his chosen country. We slowly asked, “Why cheese?” A huge grin spread across his little face as he answered, “Because it’s my favorite!” Well, I’m pretty certain that all the children in Bangladesh haven’t had cheese yet, but I am certain that a five year old little boy’s heart grew a bit bigger and beyond his own desires.

Mission gives us passion and purpose.

Our kids need to understand how God has created them for a BIGGER purpose than just playing iPad games and watching the Disney channel.

What seeds are you planting in your kids to grow a missions minded worldview and life bigger than themselves?

I know we are all busy, and no parent is looking for another thing to do, but “going into all the world” becomes a lifestyle as we look for opportunities every day. As we GO along through our everyday life, we can teach our kids to GO in small ways that plant big seeds, such as: helping a neighbor, supporting a missionary, praying for Ukraine or talking about inspiring missionary heroes, such as Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael before bed.

It’s our calling as Christian parents to instill a love for all nations into the hearts of our kids. Not for ourselves were we born, but for the whole world.  All ages, All races, All kinds…ALL NATIONS!

Great Resource: The Mission-Minded Family, Ann Dunagun



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