March Missions Madness

March is Missions Month at The Bridge. Well, EVERY MONTH is missions month at The Bridge Church in Denton, Texas! The “G” in the BRIDGE core values stands for GOING. March is the month we highlight the missionaries and projects we support all year long and choose a special project above and beyond our monthly support.

March Missions Project Spotlight: Berakah Child Development Center

This year our special project is building toilet facilities in a child development center in South Africa called Berakah. This center is led by Chandra Noviskie, who is a native Texan now serving as a missionary with her husband Mike and kids. The Berakah center is a vital ministry to vulnerable children in the township of Mamelodi. It provides quality childcare centered on the love of God while educating them to be successful in primary school. (Many young children are left alone or in the care of siblings while their parents work, and don’t receive proper care.) One of the greatest needs of Berakah at this time is sanitary toilets that function properly.

Many of these children live in homes without proper toilets.  They may have long drops.  They also don’t have running water and have to fetch water and bathe in buckets.  Proper sanitation is not something they are trained in. What Berakah has to offer for toilet facilities is better than most of the children have at home.  But our centre will not pass health inspections as is and my goal is to have the centre registered as an ECD centre within two years.  Minimum standards must be met to qualify.  I also want to see the children trained in proper hand washing and using the toilets properly.  We want to prevent the spread of disease through educating the children in this way.” – Chandra Noviskie, Missionary and Berakah Managing Director

As The Bridge Church, NOW MORE THAN EVER we want to make a difference in children’s lives across the globe in Mamelodi.

Current Restrooms in Berakah

Our children in Kidzone have been raising money in water bottles to help with this project. Please pray about what you’d like to give to help the children at Berakah this month so we can reach our goal of $7000 to see proper toilets, wash basins and showers installed. It will be the first running water many of these children ever have.

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