Building Your House On The Rock - A different look at an old story

Building your house on the rock: A different look at an old story…

In Matthew 7:24–27 Jesus said the foolish man built his house on the sand (human effort), but the wise man built his house on the Rock (Jesus). And the rain came, the floods rose and wind blew… (Many of you remember the song from Sunday school!). Of course, the house on the sand collapsed & the house on the rock stood firm.

Most of the time when we read this passage, we think of the rain, flood & wind as negative circumstances, the “storms” of life, so to speak… & of course it can be. But also, in scripture, rain can be a sign of favor. Wind, & even floods, can represent the creative power of God and the mighty move of God’s Spirit (we can all think of scriptural examples of that).

So, could Jesus be saying that not only do we need to watch what foundation we are building on for the bad times… but the good times as well?

My uncle John used to say “Prosperity is too much for most folks to handle” (I don’t think he just meant money). If I’m building on MY effort, or MY reasoning, or MY ability (or any other humans, for that matter) could it be that GOOD & BAD times might eventually be too much for me to sustain? That I might mistake (even if subconsciously) the “rain” of blessings, or the “winds” of favor as something I did? But, if I’m building on Jesus… The weather doesn’t really matter… GOOD or BAD… my house will STAND!

Just a thought.

Pastor Duane White
The Bridge Church in Denton, Texas

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Duane White

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