1 Kings 18:41 “…for there is the sound of abundance of rain.”

If you’ve ever lived through a smoldering hot summer in Texas, you can surely appreciate the effects of a refreshing downpour of rain. The Bible talks a lot about rain and it’s spiritual significance. You might have heard the terms former or latter rain and wondered, “what in the world does that mean?”

Zechariah 10:1 “Ask the Lord for rain In the time of the latter rain. The Lord will make flashing clouds; He will give them showers of rain, Grass in the field for everyone.”


He says to “ask for rain” but in relation to our lives what would we be asking for if we asked for SPIRITUAL RAIN?

1.) The Refreshing Presence of God

2.) The CREATIVE Power of God As It Acts of a Seed

  • The rain goes through the soil to penetrate the seed and draw out it’s potential. The seed we sow is our TIME, TALENT, INFLUENCE and our STUFF. As God leads and we sow the seed (many times in inconvenient seasons) the creative power of God comes to pull out the potential of our seed to yield an abundant harvest.

3.) The FAVOR of God on the Labor of His People

  • You may have heard a farmer say, “I’ve sown the seed; now we pray for rain!” We do our part, and then it must take God’s favor to bring the blessing.
  • It’s what we call GRACE! God’s unmerited favor that we can’t earn or deserve. Without favor (grace) our efforts are futile! Favor is the root of the “favorite”. You are God’s favorite you! When you are living and being who God’s called YOU to be He anoints and blesses you. He can’t FAVOR you to be someone else. (Read Duet. 11:7-14 to see the difference between watering the seed with our own effort and by God’s grace.)


This shows it is more about “position” than “petition.” When we know that God is saying “IT’S TIME!” We can boldly position ourselves to receive what He is pouring out. Faith begins where the will of God is known.


If you read verse 2 of Zechariah 10, you see the “false comforts” of looking to people or things beyond God to give us blessing and favor. The Bible calls this idolatry–trusting in other things to bring us comfort, provision, or direction besides the Lord.


Zechariah was written to a agricultural society who understood the seasons of rain and it’s importance in their life. In their farming cycle they would have FORMER or EARLY rains in the autumn that would follow a dry, hot summer. These rains were a light, soaking rain that would loosen up the soil and prepare it for the seed. In the winter they would plant their seed and then in the spring the LATTER rain would fall. This rain was a heavy, penetrating rain that activated the potential in the seed and would bring about a great harvest.

Take note: if there’s no seed sown, there is no purpose for the latter rain! We are believing as we have sown our prayers, our faith, our obedience and labor–God is going to send the rain of his favor for a great harvest!

It’s time for RAIN!

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