Most of you have probably had the OPPORTUNITY to hear Pastor’s Duane’s word for the year by now…It’s TIME! If you missed a Sunday make sure you download the podcast so you don’t miss anything.


For about 3 years now I (Kris) have had a reoccurring dream that I was in labor, but I would never birth the baby! (Talk about frustrating!) On the first day of this year I had the same dream, but this time I held the baby! It’s was time. I’m not sure what the baby is symbolic of (because believe me it’s not a natural one), but it’s time for us to see breakthrough and those “POWS” in areas where it’s been nothing, nothing, nothing…in the past.

Since the first of the year we’ve had 3 “all clears” for cancer, and many other great testimonies of healing. Don’t give up…it’s time to see your POW!
Be encouraged by some of these great testimonies from The Bridge family:

Testimony by Tonie M:

Received a bad report as a result of labwork last Friday. Had more blood draw and had to wait until Monday to get the results. Sunday morning Jimmie and I went to prayer partners Shawn and Rebecca Storey for them to be in agreement for my healing. Shawn told me that God showed him that God had already been taken care of and it was gone. So when we prayed we praised and thanked God for my healing. I received a call this morning from my doctor telling me the test came back normal. I am praising God that it was gone before I even asked. POW It’s Time!!!

Testimony by Kim H.

Some of you may have already heard our awesome news, but I’m gonna shout it from the rooftop anyway. GOD IS AWESOME!!! He just blessed our family with a beautiful 2007 Ford Explorer! After months of trusting Him to provide a vehicle that we could all fit into, an amazing couple felt led to bless us with a vehicle. So I want to encourage everyone who reads this to continue believing God for your miracle. He knows your need & He is so faithful! As Pastor Duane would say, “POW.”

Testimony by Lucas E.:

I just spent my entire day (daylight) in sunlight, studio light and fluorescent light, without a had or sunglasses, and have not had even a hint of a headache. This marks the first day I have been able to go without a hat or headache since November 6, 2010. IT’S TIME.

Keep them coming…

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