I just read a Forbes article entitled, “Where Are Our Leaders? Blaming and Dividing” describing the leadership crisis our nation is suffering. The author proclaims,“Leadership is easy when times are good. But times are not good today and they may get worse.” 

A leader always asks this question, “If EVERYONE does what I do, what would the world look like?” Take a minute to think about this question. If everyone stole stuff from work, what would the company look like? If everyone picked stuff up around the house like I do, what would the house look like? If everyone obeyed the traffic laws like I do, what would the streets be like? If everyone was always 15 minutes late, what would happen?

Gideon is a great inspiration for the courage to stand up and lead on all levels. In his day the children of Israel were terrorized by the Midianites because they had turned from the Lord. Just as their crops were ready to harvest, the enemy would swoop in and burn them. Just as their cows were fat, they would steal them! Does this seem familiar in your life? Just as you are on the verge of harvest…the enemy seems to steal it! Don’t give up! 

LEADING was the last thing on Gideon’s mind. He was much more concerned with SURVIVING! But, the Lord had a greater plan for him by calling him to LEAD on these levels…

1. Courage to LEAD yourself. (Judges 6:10-15)

    • Out of hiding.
    • Out of dysfunction. Gideon was threshing wheat in a winepress. (vs. 11)
      • Dysfunction: a behavioral pattern that undermines the stability of the original purpose or function. 
      • If Gideon had continued to do this, his children would think it was normal to thresh wheat in a winepress! This is where our society is today. Kids think it’s normal for dads to live, and for parents to divorce. Dysfunction can become the norm, but just because everyone thinks that 2 + 2 = 5, does not mean that it is the truth!
Listen to Pastor Duane’s message on “Leading On All Levels” 
  • Out of weakness. (vs. 15) Gideon gives all the excuses to disqualify himself from leadership, but God calls him because he would be a testimony to His strength. The problem in Gideon’s mind was not if God was able, but if God was able through him! 
2. Courage to LEAD at home. (Judges 6:25-32)
  • Gideon had to remove the idols from his father’s house and replace them with righteousness.
3. Courage to LEAD a few others who have courage. (Judges 7:1-8)
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