Join us this week for the annual BTS Bridges Leaders Conference — Nov. 3-4! We are so excited about all our friends traveling from around the world including, Bishop Tony Miller, Stuart Bell and Jack Groblewski. I can’t wait for The Bridge to hear our friend and amazing speaker–Jeff Lucas.

Jeff Lucas (Don’t miss Jeff Thursday & Friday!)
Duane and I had the honor of meeting Jeff when we lived in Lincoln, England. He is a very busy and sought after speaker, but we were amazed at how he took the time to get to know us. Jeff is the real deal and what you see is what you get. He’ll have you laughing so hard you’re about to pee your pants and crying the next. When we moved to England I was in a great need for a change of pace. I was drowning under the stress of trying to figure out the demands of being a minister’s wife, raising three kids while my husband was traveling full time, and managing a full time job. I felt like I was on the brink of burn out with everyone’s opinions of what I should “live up” to be and God sent Jeff’s book, Lucas on Life, like a special delivery to my heart. (My favorite chapter is Surviving Cynicism.) I cried through most of the pages, as God peeled religious expectations and burdens off my heart and energized me with a fresh revelation of GRACE. Here’s some quotes from this book to encourage you and don’t miss him this week!

“Perhaps it’s as well to know that God is not waiting for me to be complete before loving me. He considers me his workmanship: scaffolding, broken tiles, wonky bricks and all.” – “Under Construction” pg. 43

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“We rightly fear cynicism: the cancer that so readily strikes the hopeful. The cynical heart is freezer-cold, unable to be warmed by the God who really does come and work among people. Cynicism takes the tenderhearted worshipper and turns him into an arms-folded spectator, a scowling analyst with a stopwatch and clipboard under his arm, and a bless-me-if-you-dare expression on his face…There is only one cure for cynicism-we must repent of it. It is unbelief by another name.” “Surviving Cynicism” pg. 57


“But isn’t the gospel call far more than ‘four spiritual laws’? Isn’t it a warm invitation to a life-long friendship with Jesus, a Companion and Leader for the here and now? How did we reduce a banquet invitation to being a summons to a courtroom, a legal deal struck with a judge, rather than a homecoming to a Dad who always has the barbecue waiting?” “Angry From Chichester” pg. 82

Join us this week…Nov. 3 & 4 at the BTS Bridges Conference.
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