Cause a Commotion! (week 16 Isaiah 42, 2 Cor.4-7)

If you didn’t quite understand physics at school then don’t break out into a cold sweat when I tell you that Pastor Kris taught us physics at the Bridge yesterday! Don’t worry…she admitted that physics didn’t make that much sense to her either but then she went on to explain Newton’s Laws of Motion in a way that made me think I’d actually have passed physics if she’d been teaching it! Anyway…her points, as always, made so much sense…I’m sure I’m not the only one who says ‘oh, I get it now’ every time she preaches! Newton’s Laws are so true in our everyday lives but what we really need are God’s huper Laws of Motion…the exceeding, abundantly, beyond all we could ever think, dream or imagine laws of God.

Law 1: objects at rest will stay at rest…also known as the law of inertia (or the law of the Sunday afternoon nap on the sofa!). Inertia = a dullness with regard to motion, inactivity, inaction, a lack of purpose or direction. As Kris said ‘the huper life of God needs to push us out of our inertia’. I wonder what areas of inertia there are in my life…where do I need a huper push from God?

Law 2: objects will move further and faster when they are pushed harder…if you’ve ever taught a child to ride a bicycle then you’ll know this is true! But in God’s huper laws, Kris explained that our momentum is a result of our yielding to the force of Heaven – the more we yield the further we go…yielding = obeying! Galatians 5:25 shows that we are created to move in partnership with God.

Law 3: for every action there is an equal and opposite action…or in the huper laws…there is always an opposing force resisting your momentum (see 1 Corinthians 16:9). But when that opposing force or pressure comes, how do we respond? Do we respond with the fruits of the spirit or our flesh? (Ouch, she asks some tough questions sometimes.) Kris said that when we respond in the flesh we end up doing the enemies work for him!

COM = with or together, MOTION = move…working with the Holy Spirit we can together, move the forces that are coming against us! We’re getting ready to invade, so what kind of commotion are you going to cause?!!

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