This weeks reading for the 2010 Challenge:
Psalm 16, Philippians chapter 1-3.

I call your name, Lord you reply, You bring your Kingdom and stand by my side…
(“I Call Your Name” from Free Chapel, Moving Forward Album)

This was the testimony of Paul and Sonja this Sunday at the Bridge, as they thanked the church for standing by their side when they found out their 11 year old son, John, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had been struggling with lose of sight, fatigue, nausea, and many other side effects for months, and last week they finally discovered why. He had a massive tumor (10cm) on the front of his brain. He was rushed to Cook’s in Fort Worth and surgery was scheduled to remove it.

The Bridge rallied prayer support for John and his family as they faced this staggering challenge. They were told John would probably not retain his sight, his memory, and even his personality and face a hospital recovery of four to six weeks. There were many daunting facts facing this brave, young boy, but his family choose to believe God’s report was different.

John surprised The Bridge yesterday by walking out on the stage just 10 days after the diagnoses and surgery. Cheers and praises erupted from the crowd to see a walking miracle! We are praising God the tumor was not cancer, he has his sight, memory and his funny personality! The doctors were amazed at his recovery and we are praising God for John’s healing! We know God has a special plan for his life. They did have to take his pituitary gland, but his body has adjusted amazingly.

We are also thankful to the doctors and all the staff at Cook’s Children’s Hospital for being an instrument of healing. We appreciate you!

If you are facing tremendous challenges and negative facts this week, discover what God’s TRUTH is over the facts and stand in faith this week!

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